Chipolbrok’s multipurpose vessel Chipolbrok Galaxy delivered 25 wind tower sections and 36 cases of mounting accessories from Antwerp, Belgium to Brake, Germany on October 28.

The tower sections weighed up to 70 tonnes, while the longest measured 31 m. They were offloaded directly onto trucks, before the mounting accessories were discharged from the lower holds.

In all, the equipment came in at 1,700 tonnes and was placed into storage ready for onward transportation to a wind farm site in Nordrhein-Westfalen.

Chipolbrok Galaxy returned to Antwerp to pick up a large quantity of steel products, including rails bound for railway projects in Mumbai, India and Xingang, China.

On October 31, the heavy lifter called at Hamburg, where a variety of cargo was added to its load. This included used German-made machinery, in high demand in India, as well as items for an infrastructure project on the Indonesian island of Lombok.