Heavy transport contractor Wiesbauer used Cometto MSPE self-propelled vehicles during the construction of a 485 m-long bridge spanning across the Filstal valley in Germany.

The bridge is part of Germany’s plan to enhance transport connectivity between Stuttgart and Ulm. A consortium led by Max Bögl is building the bridge.

An 85 m-long formwork structure weighing 317.5 tonnes needed to be transported and positioned at the construction site; for this move, Cometto MSPE trailers were utilised.

A total of 20 axle lines (with a capacity 43.5 tonnes each) and two power pack units were ordered from Cometto in late 2019 for the project.

Due to presence of an air stream in the valley, special consideration was taken. Joachim Kolb, sales manager at Cometto, said that high wind speeds had to be taken into account when planning the move: "In order to guarantee stability in all phases of the transport, calculations were made for wind speeds of 36 km/h, 72 km/h and, in case of a storm, 100 km/h too."

The formwork was moved carefully from the Ulm side of the bridge toward the Stuttgart side. Operator Jörg Neuhäusel, an expert from Krebs Korrosionsschutz, kept an eye on the transverse tilt: "At no time was 1.5 percent exceeded – all safe!"

From 2022 high-speed trains will cross the bridge.