380 modular axle lines of Cometto MSPEs have been deployed for the transport of an 18,000-tonne floating dock in Gwangyang port, South Korea.

The champions league in heavy haulage!  (6)

The floating dock, which measured 260 m long and 62 m wide, needed to be moved about 300 m out of Sangsangin Ship Machinery’s installation location and loaded onto a barge for onward transportation to Egypt.  

Three South Korean heavy load specialists – Anjeon, DaeMyung and Global – collaborated on the effort, deploying their fleets of SPMTs to the site. Alberto Di Stefano, sales manager at Cometto, explained: “A total of 380 modular axle lines of Cometto MSPE has been assembled, composed by 62 six-axle units and two four-axle units.” 

The Cometto MSPE features a payload of up to 70 tonnes per axle line and the complete system was driven by 12 power pack units. The SPMTs were deployed in 12 convoys, supporting four areas under each corner of the floating dock.  

The floating dock is capable of lifting up to 35,000 tonnes. Sangsangin Ship Machinery signed a contract with Suez Canal Authority of Egypt in November 2021 to build the dock, with construction starting in May 2022.