Cosmatos Group has transported refinery equipment from Greece to Chalampé, France for the Butachimie refinery.

The shipment included 19 drums with a total weight of 265 tons (240.4 tonnes) and a volume of 1,700 cu m.

Some components were delivered directly to the project site by road, the largest of which measured 13.5 m x 3.16 m x 4.04 m and weighed 16 tons (14.5 tonnes).

Six out-of-gauge (OOG) units were loaded onto a part-chartered vessel at the port of Thessaloniki and transported to the port of Rotterdam.

Upon arrival at the Dutch port, the components were stored at a terminal, before they were loaded on a barge for onward transportation to Ottmarsheim pier in France and delivered to the refinery by road.

The largest piece measured 9.4 m x 4.6 m x 5.5 m and weighed 55 tons (50 tonnes).

In a separate project, Cosmatos coordinated the loading of a pre-trenching plough manufactured by SMD in Eleusis.

Weighing 54 tons (49 tonnes) and measuring 18 m x 8.5 m x 6.1 m, the plough was loaded on Hartman Seatrade’s multipurpose vessel Deo Velonte for onward transportation to the UK.

With a total volume of approximately 900 cu m, Cosmatos chartered the ship and arranged the loading operations at the port.

Cosmatos is a member of the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) for Greece.