India’s Express Global Logistics (EXG) has handled the transport of 31 pieces of heavy equipment for the Mega PX-PTA project at the Paradip refinery.


Source: Express Global Logistics (EXG)

The equipment included an Isomar reactor, finishing columns, power transformer, gas compressor and a xylene column. The units weighed between 500-1,600 tonnes.

The 1,600-tonne item measured 74 m long, 9.5 m wide and 10.3 m tall. The longest unit, measuring 90 m, weighed 600 tonnes and required jacking onto SPMTs for the transport.  

In total, 56 axle lines of SPMTs were used in various configurations for the project, along with two power pack units. Four hydraulic jacks, with a capacity of 200 tonnes, were utilised for the jacking processes.


Source: Express Global Logistics (EXG)

The equipment was delivered in a narrow timeframe to meet the client’s schedule, with the transport of each unit taking around five to six hours.

EXG is a member of the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) in India.