UTM Universal Transport is using a Goldhofer combination to transport 45 m-long, 58-tonne streetcars from Alstom’s Bautzen plant to Dresden, Germany.

UTM Goldhofer

After extensive route planning, UTM has already transported the first of 30 railcars. The selected combination consists of a four-axle tractor unit, a two-axle heavy-duty module (THP/UT 2), and a seven-axle semi-lowloader for rail transport (STZ-H 7) with gooseneck and hydraulic ramps.

With bridge elements of different lengths, UTM can adapt its transport solution to the size of the respective streetcar.

“With this solution, we not only have the high weight of the streetcar safely under control, and we can also ensure easy manoeuvrability of the rail vehicle,” said Peter Klemenz, project manager rail vehicles at UTM.

Additional relief is provided by the hydraulic ramps and the winch mounted on the gooseneck. “This allows us to pull the streetcar onto the rail system quickly and accurately, and unload it just as quickly.”