Gustav Seeland will play a key role in the replacement of a railroad bridge across the river Bille in Bullerdeich, as part of the modernisation of Hamburg’s S-Bahn railway network.

The steel structure, which is more than 100 years old and is located between the Rothenburgsort and Billwerder-Moorfleet railway stations, will be demolished and rebuilt. In order to minimise disruption for passengers, the renovation project will be completed in just two weeks, said Gustav Seeland. The heavy lift specialist anticipates that it will take three days to complete the demolition works.

The bridge will be split into three sections and lifted onto floating pontoons using a 500-tonne capacity crane. The biggest challenge, according to Gustav Seeland, will be the removal of the bridge’s central section, which weighs 40 tonnes.

Once all sections of the old bridge are positioned onto the pontoons, they will be towed to the port of Hamburg, where they will be scrapped.

“Planning and executing such a huge project requires maximum precision. Even for the specialists at Gustav Seeland, this is not an easy task. Given the narrow time frame, the heavy load, and the water-based assembly, there is a lot to consider. In particular, sufficient attention has to be paid to safety when dealing with such a complex challenge,” explained Johann Evers, ceo of Gustav Seeland.

The demolition works will commence on March 1.