LASO Transportes has delivered bases for wind towers to CSWind Portugal in Aveiro.  


Originating in Oliveira de Frades, the cargoes measured 8.6 m in diameter. Accompanied by police escorts and pilot cars, they were loaded and delivered on the same day. The complex size of the cargo, which typically measures around 5 m in diameter, meant road signals and parts of the road had to be bypassed.   

“As with all projects with large goods that we carry out, the operational management of the transportation of CSWind Portugal wind pipe bases required an appropriate selection of the equipment that would carry out the transportation, as well as the team involved,” LASO explained.  

For this project, the company chose a directional semi-trailer, which enables the loading of over-dimensional cargo. LASO said that the extendible and flexible trailer facilitates complex manoeuvres.