Compass Forwarding has delivered a Magni 24.11 telescopic handler and accessories from a factory in Modena, Italy to Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic.

According to Compass, the necessary trailers, permits and escorts were arranged on short notice to transport the equipment from the factory to the port of Savona, a distance of approximately 200 miles (321.9 km).

The machinery was then loaded onto a vessel for onward transportation to Halifax in Canada.

The Compass team then arranged for Mafi equipment to be positioned at Halifax Auto Port to discharge equipment before it was moved to the port of Montreal – a distance of approximately 1,200 km. From there, the cargoes travelled on a special vessel service to Baffin Island.

“This was specialised cargo that had to reach Montreal to be loaded on one of the last vessels calling in the Arctic region this season. Failure could have delayed the job until summer 2020,” explained Compass’ director, Richard J. Shelala.