On behalf of forwarder Kodan Solutions, Höegh Autoliners transported two heavy locomotives from Mumbai, India, to Maputo in Mozambique onboard its ro-ro vessel Höegh Seoul.

Hoegh- heavy-cargo-loaded-in-mumbai

A major factor in the project was the tight delivery schedule in order to meet the project deadline in Mozambique. Captain Atuldutt Sharma, Höegh Autoliners breakbulk sales manager in India, explained: “We were contacted by Kodan Solutions for an urgent request to transport heavy locomotives that would support the development of the rail network in Mozambique. By offering the most competitive transit time of 20 days in our Middle East to India and Africa liner service, we could help Kodan Solutions to meet their project deadline.”

Measuring 21 m long and 80 tonnes each, the next challenge was loading the locomotives onboard Höegh Seoul. Secured onto Höegh’s specialised roll trailers, the total height of the combinations had just enough clearance to safely be loaded aboard.

Einar Bassøe, head of global cargo operations, added: “Our vast experience in handling various cargo on roll trailers enabled us to plan and stuff the locomotives safely onto our 62-ft (18.9-m) roll trailers, while maintaining weight distribution and height clearance.”