Mammoet has employed its Trailer Power Assist (TPA) system to transport the first two toroidal field coils that form part of the ITER project in France.

ITER is an innovative power generation project based on the world’s largest tokamak – an experimental thermonuclear fusion power project.

The lead logistics provider for ITER, Daher Technologies, contracted Mammoet to transport numerous components, including the first two of 19 toroidal field coils, weighing 430 tonnes each.

Mammoet co-ordinated the 100 km transportation from the port of Marseille using two 18-axle trailers equipped with TPA. The powered trailer system enabled Mammoet to complete the transport using two prime movers instead of six, and in half the time allocated.

More information on the TPA system can be found here.

The ITER project is scheduled for completion in 2025. Mammoet is contracted to provide additional transport services for the project in the coming months.