Germany’s Rolf Riedl has transported oversized equipment 9,500 km by road, passing through six countries in just 12 days.

The heavy cargo was manufactured in Germany and needed to be transported to China in the shortest possible time.

After assessing the transport options, Rolf Riedl found that neither a ship nor a train could deliver the cargo on schedule while meeting the client’s cost requirements. The solution was a route from Germany via Poland, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan and, finally, China – a 9,500 km journey by road that required 12 continuous days of driving.

With the help of GPS technology, Rolf Riedl was able to keep track of the current location of the vehicle, while handling all Customs clearance processes at its office in Hagen.

Once the equipment arrived in China, it was reloaded onto a Chinese truck and continued its journey to the final destination.