Sarens has loaded out two jackets in Cadiz, Spain, for Total’s Tyra East redevelopment project.

Dragados Offshore contracted Sarens for the load-out of the Tyra East G (TEG) jacket and the Tyra East H (TEH) jacket.

For the TEH jacket, which weighed 5,081 tonnes, Sarens deployed 190 axle lines of SPMTs and 12 powers packs. For the 7,513-tonne TEG jacket, 224 axle lines and 12 power packs were used.

Sarens said it also deployed 34 ballast pumps and 18 ro-ro ramps.

The equipment was mobilised from Belgium and the Netherlands and transported to the load-out site by road. Sarens said that it took around four days to reach the site, five days to assemble the SPMTs, and four days for the ballasting installation.

The two jackets were transported to the quay site from Dragados Offshore’s yard and loaded-out onto the sea-going barge for onward transport.

Teresa Diaz Carlier, site manager at Sarens Spain, said: “The biggest challenge during transport was to avoid any movement of the jacket to ensure that they rest perfectly on each of the support points on the barge.”