Sarens has installed the Parkbrug bridge in Antwerp, Belgium.

Emergo Emotec contracted Sarens for the transport and installation of the bridge. The four bridge parts included two long sections and two curved sections. The parts weighed between 30 and 47 tonnes each and measured between 17-44 m in length.

For the operation, the Sarens team deployed 10 axle lines of SPMTs, a Demag TC650 crane, and a Demag CC3800-1 crane.

The parts first travelled from Ghent to Antwerp onboard the barge Karel. In Antwerp, the parts were picked up from the barge, swung around an apartment building, and installed with the CC3800-1 configured with a 120 m-long boom.

The 650-tonne capacity crawler crane had to be assembled on a constricted site in the city centre. Bram Van Overwalle, project manager at Sarens, explained that once the crane body was at the location, no trucks could enter the site. “Therefore, we needed to transport 54 trucks with crane parts, in the opposite manner as compared to a normal assembly,” he said.

Van Overwalle continued: “The first truck arrived with the head section of the luffer. The last trucks brought the body to the job site. We start with the head section of the luffer and build up the crane to the root section of the main boom. Lastly, the body and crawlers are connected.”