Heavy transport specialist Tradelossa has utilised its Enerpac super boom lift SBL1100 hydraulic gantry to install a 324-ton (294-tonne) gas turbine at the Salamanca combined-cycle plant in Mexico.


Image source: Tradelossa

The unit measured 11 m long, 4.9 m high, and 4.3 m wide.

Due to the layout of the power plant, Tradelossa set up a 22 m-long header beam to allow the unit to be positioned correctly.

The cable controlling the gantry’s side shift units also needed to be extended, so with technical support from Enerpac, Tradelossa produced an extension cable allowing the gantry and side shift units to be controlled as a single integrated lifting system from the SBL1100 Intelli-Lift wireless control system.

The operation started with a longitudinal movement of 11.8 m, then a transverse movement of 9.5 m, finishing with a vertical movement of 3.4 m.

“Overall, the operation took just over four and a half hours, a record time in Mexico for this type of manoeuvre. This was our first project with the SBL1100, and we were impressed with its performance,” said Fernando Miranda Herrera, manager of engineering and maintenance, Tradelossa.