April 1 - More than 400 local councils and territory governments will now have access to new guidelines to better assess and apply conditions to permits for heavy vehicles, through the release of two guidance documents.

The ceo of Australia's National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR), Sal Petroccitto, said the release of two guidance documents would deliver consistency and standardise the conditions which can be applied to a heavy vehicle permit.

"The Road Manager's Best Practice Guideline for Applying Conditions provides invaluable directions to road managers on the types of conditions to be applied in a permit," Petroccitto claimed.

"Whereas, the Standard Conditions - Legislative Requirements outlines the key operational requirements for class 1 heavy vehicles carrying, or designed to carry, a large indivisible article and special purpose vehicles."

"The Standard Conditions - Legislative Requirements will assist operators to better understand their requirements and provide increased confidence in the process.

"With these tools in use, we expect to see a drop in the number of unnecessary and invalid conditions applied and a reduction in permit processing time, benefiting local councils, state government and industry."

The NHVR has developed and implemented the documents as a result of extensive consultation with local and state government road managers to ensure they were fit for purpose.

They aim to assist through providing a step-by-step guide to assessing applications and applying conditions, consideration when applying conditions, example sets of standard road and travel conditions, and examples of conditions covered by the law.