October 20 - Damen has signed a letter of intent with Norway's TeamTec to supply and service the Avitalis ballast water treatment system (BWTS).

The intention is to advance to a full partnership by the end of 2016, said Damen. Currently Avitalis is undergoing shipboard testing for IMO type approval and USCG land-based testing. It is anticipated that IMO type approval will be achieved in the first half of 2017, followed by USCG type approval later the same year.
The system combines filtration and an eco-friendly chemical treatment solution for medium-sized and large vessels. Damen says the Avitalis system is effective in water of any salinity, turbidity or temperature.
The chemical used in the treatment process is Peraclean Ocean, developed by Evonik Industries. The Peraclean family of biocides is widely used in the medical, foodstuffs and beverages industries, amongst others, to disinfect equipment.
Damen began discussions with Evonik two years ago regarding its research into marine applications for Peraclean. In February 2016, Evonik formed an exclusive partnership with maritime equipment company TeamTec to optimise the Avitalis system.
"TeamTec is a respected name in the marine industry with over 30 years of experience, and Evonik is a world leader in its sector," said Barry Stolk of Damen Green Solutions. "We have every confidence that the Avitalis BWTS has a great future ahead of it. This combination of Norwegian, German and Dutch expertise will be very effective indeed."