February 8 - An emergency rubber sealing which can be used repeatedly provides extra security when needed for bulk and general cargoes, claims its manufacturer.

The Emergency Seal from Cargo Care Solutions is a rubber sealing which can be pressed in the cross joint to give extra security for the weather tightness of hatch covers. It works between a gap of 20mm to 50mm provided there are no wedges or cross joint cleats installed.

This seal is used as extra security next to the existing hatch cover sealing system and, unlike tape, it can be used many times.


Peter Peltenburg, group director of Rotterdam-based Cargo Care Solutions, says: "We are receiving very good feedback about this product. We displayed it at trade shows last year including Posidonia and SMM and it caused quite a stir and we expect it to be of great interest during this year's events."


Peltenburg added that Graig Ship Management and Clipper Group have been using it on their multi-purpose ships.