April 29 - Through its distributor in Dubai, Al Masaood Trading, Enerpac has supplied Lamprell with an EVO-series synchronous lifting system to weigh a newly completed jack-up rig.

The Enerpac EVO system monitors and manages lifting, lowering, weighing, alignment and load transfer procedures of non-uniform distributed heavy loads.

The jack-up rig cantilever and drill floor substructure weighing system comprised a 12-point synchronous EVO weighing system, two 600-tonne capacity hydraulic jacks, four 200-tonne capacity hydraulic jacks and accessories.

Enerpac explained that a key benefit of the EVO weighing system is its compactness. Space restrictions under the jack-up rig prevented the use of other weighing systems without costly rework to the load structure. To make the Enerpac jack design even more compact, the weighing system used calibrates high-pressure transducers in place of load cells.

During the weighing of the jack-up cantilever and drill floor substructure, the accuracy of the lifting synchronisation was such that the difference in plunger stroke of each of the cylinders was less than 1 mm, said Enerpac.