February 8 - The super tugs Fairmount Sherpa and Fairmount Expedition operated by Netherlands headquartered Fairmount Marine, have towed the drilling rig Noble Max Smith from the Gulf of Mexico to Brazil.

Both Fairmount Class tugs had hooked-up with the semi-submersible drilling rig in Pascagoula Mississippi, USA hotfoot from the completion of their previous projects.

During the 5,500-mile voyage strong counter currents were experienced but the tugs showed strong towing power and endurance before the rig was safely delivered offshore Niterói, Brazil.

The Fairmount Expedition then assisted with the positional mooring of the rig, which has been contracted by Shell for an offshore drilling campaign Brazil over a three-year period.

Directly after the delivery, Fairmount Sherpa and Fairmount Expedition were prepared for immediate departure to their next assignments.