January 24 - Singapore-headquartered Gaylin has initiated a plan to reposition its Vietnam facility to address changing trends in the local oil and gas, refining and chemical plant sectors.

Gaylin claim that ongoing development of the Vietnam operation, which is located in the Dong Xuyen Industrial Park, will introduce a much wider range of rental assets that includes specialist equipment such as load cells, spreader beams, testing equipment, winch systems and spooling capabilities.

According to Gaylin, the workshop is equipped with a 2,000-tonne Wirop hydraulic press that can manufacture slings from 40 mm to 76 mm; a 1,000-tonne press from the same manufacturer that can make slings from 3 mm to 52 mm diameter (both with ferrule secured eyelets); and a 300-tonne horizontal tensile testing machine, again from Wirop, that complies with verification and testing requirements of the region.

Mike Duncan, managing director of Gaylin International said: "Typically, all slings made here at Gaylin Vietnam are with aluminium ferrule secured eyelets, however, we have seen more demand for Flemish eyelets type terminations, so we are tailoring our solutions and responding to these market trends."

He continued: "The current downturn in the market has led to contractors and operators alike seeking cost-effective solutions. We are able to relocate heavy rigging, plant and machinery from other locations to Vietnam in order to offer rental packages to the client, thus, reducing their needs for capital expenditure on low utilised assets."

According to Gaylin, it has five other global hubs in the region-South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and China-across which a dedicated training and competency programme has been rolled out to ensure personnel are trained on the latest legislation applicable to their respective geographies and marketplaces.