March 11 - Mammoet has installed the Malampaya Phase 3 Depletion Compression Platform (DCP) in the West Philippine Sea for Shell Philippines Exploration.

The Malampaya DCP is a new type of 'self-installing platform', which floats into place over its end location, before the legs are lowered onto the seabed. It uses a pre-installed jacking system to enable the 80 m legs to be jacked down and lift the platform from the water to its final position.

Mammoet was contracted to lower the DCP legs and lift the platform to its final height, next to the Malampaya Shallow Water Production Platform (SWP), to which it will be linked by a permanent bridge.

Mammoet was also involved in the DCP's construction, assisting with the lifting and lowering the platform during the fabrication process. Strand jacks were also installed to prepare for the jack down of the DCP's legs and to raise the platform into place.

The platform is now being held in its raised position, with its 80 m legs secured on the seabed, awaiting the completion of the operation to weld it in place and install the connecting link-bridge.