May 1 - Mammoet is to introduce its new versatile ballast system during the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston, Texas.

The installation of offshore platforms by float-over-method is time consuming and costly, said Mammoet, but the introduction of its versatile ballast system aims to simplify and combine ballasting for load-out and float-over operations.

It is a fully modularised system that is easily installed and fits any barge without the need for modifications, explained Mammoet. The system utilises one equipment set-up that is able to perform both ballasting operations, which shortens the period for installation and decommissioning of the system on the barge.

The system can be installed within two weeks, using a minimum of equipment, manpower and space, says Mammoet. In addition, the main part of the installation can be performed on the quayside, which can save up to five weeks of barge rental time.

For more information, visit Mammoet at booth 2517 at the OTC from May 5-8, or find more information on the  special equipment page of the company's website.