November 24 - Mammoet has formed a joint venture with Dutch engineering company Starneth to design and construct the New York Wheel - a giant observation wheel that is scheduled for completion by 2017.

The wheel is intended to become one of the US city's great landmark attractions. Measuring 190.5 m high, Mammoet says that the wheel will be among the largest in the world.

Starneth specialises in the design and construction of giant observation wheels and structures. Mammoet will engineer the multiple erection procedures for the project, procure all the necessary parts from around the world and construct the entire wheel.

Mammoet says that it will erect a total of 10,000 tonnes of steel for the project. Construction is expected to being in April 2016, but Mammoet has been involved in the preparations since 2014. In May 2015, work began on the foundations and building site preparation for the construction of the wheel.

The wheel will feature 36 pods, each of which can carry up to 40 people. Each ride is due to last approximately 38 minutes and will provide a maximum of 1,440 people at a time with views of New York Harbour, the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline.

Mammoet is no stranger to such projects, having erected the London Eye in the UK in 1999.