January 18 - Rotterdam Offshore Group (ROG) has started to upgrade its facilities in the Waalhaven, Rotterdam.

ROG has acquired the neighbouring land and buildings to its existing premises allowing the significant expansion of its quayside, storage as well as office capabilities.

According to ROG, it will now be able to accommodate vessels up to 320 m in length where previously the maximum vessel length was 200 m. The storage facility will also increase from 14,000 sq m to 21,700 sq m.

In March 2017, the project to demolish the existing company buildings will begin and the construction of the new office and workshop will start. ROG says that the project has been planned to ensure that all its services remain fully operational until project completion, which is scheduled for the end of 2017.

An artists impression of ROG's new premises

ROG's facilities in the Waalhaven, Rotterdam