October 13 - Talbert Manufacturing has introduced the 55-ton (50-tonne) capacity Roller Paver (55CC-RP) heavy-haul trailer.

The trailer, which has a concentrated load rating of 55 tons across 12.5 ft (3.8 m) of the trailer deck, allows owners to haul a variety of equipment, including rollers, pavers, excavators and dozers, says Talbert.

The design also features dual kingpin settings, which Talbert says allows drivers to operate in US states with 43-ft (13.1-m) kingpin laws without the need for a permit when traveling empty. The trailer's overall length of 53 ft (16.1 m) also eliminates the need for over-length permits in certain US states, claims Talbert.

The 55CC-RP features extra steel in the main and side beams of the deck, as well as the gooseneck and rear axles for additional reinforcement, and offers a 24 ft (7.3 m) clear deck length in the well.

The ramps, which can be adjusted to accommodate various widths of equipment, are 41 inches (1 m) long to establish the optimal approach angle for loading and discharge.