October 14 - Van der Vlist recently completed the shipment of five Hitachi dump trucks from its facility in Moerdijk, the Netherlands, to Katanga in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The machines were originally shipped to Moerdijk from Canada in 2012. The 9.45 m x 4.98 m x 4.62 m EH1100-3 dumpers were stored in Van der Vlist's facilities for almost two years.
When the request to move the trucks was made, Van der Vlist set about ensuring each machine was in perfect working order upon leaving the site. Each dumper had its batteries renewed, oil and coolant changed, and was installed with a lubrication system.
The dump trucks were driven a short distance to the ro-ro berth at Moerdijk onto the pontoon Jacob-Evert, and shipped to Antwerp. From there, the machines were shipped to Katanga where they will commence work in a copper mine.