March 11 - K

Kübler was tasked with transporting the generator, which had the dimensions 28.2 m x 9 m x 11.5 m, on coupled SPMTs from an indoor facility at the test centre to a temporary storage position.

There were various infrastructural obstacles within the test site: bottlenecks en route only left 2.5 cm of space at both sides of the cargo, while multiple channel and power lines on the road had to be built over.

Due to the weak ground at the temporary storage site, Kübler decided that instead of using a gantry crane or other hydraulic solution to position the generator, it would use the SPMTs themselves as the jacking system, explained Thomas Hoffmann, worldwide transport and projects coordinator at the company.

The two SPMTs were moved to the outside edges of the cargo and the SPMTs' own hydraulic power was used to lift the generator and position it onto the ground, explained Hoffmann.

Kübler Spedition is a member of the Cargo Equipment Experts (CEE) network in Germany.