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The difficulty with the project was the fact that a bridge, which had to be crossed only had a 12.2 tonnes permissible weight allowance. And the total weight of the vehicle and cargo amounted to more than 100 tonnes.

The transformer was taken to the bridge on eight axle lines of a Scheuerle InterCombi. On the other side, an additional 24 InterCombi axle lines were waiting. The 24 axle lines were then moved back across the bridge to the loaded eight-axle vehicle. The number of wheels meant the weight of the vehicle could be evenly distributed ensuring that an individual wheel load of 3.5 tonnes could be achieved, just under the permissible limit for the concrete slab of the bridge.

The combination was then coupled so that 12 axle lines respectively were positioned before and after the bridge. By raising the axle lines positioned on the bridge itself, the complete weight of the transformer was distributed on the axle lines positioned in front of and after the bridge structure.

Slowly but surely, the transformer was then pulled to the other side by means of steel cables.

"In effect, we have built a bridge across the bridge," said Ken Roessler, managing director of Spedition Kuebler.

Both Spedition Kuebler and Scheuerle are members in Germany of the Cargo Equipment Experts (CEE); a global network for equipment owners, serving the heavy and outsized cargo industry.

With a 37-tonne technical axle load, the modular InterCombi platform trailer has been designed for the safe transportation of large loads and provides sufficient reserves through the robust construction of its frame, says Scheurle, which is a member of the TII Group.