March 7 - According to the IRU, the global industry association for road transport, overland transport networks across Iran are set to become safer and more secure for national and international road transport operations as the Iran Ministry of Transport

IRU secretary general, Umberto de Pretto, said, "Commercial drivers need to know where they can find safe and secure parking areas. We are very pleased to be partnering with the Iranian Ministry of Road Transport and Urban Development to effectively make Iranian road transport networks safer and more secure."

TRANSPark is a free-of-charge IRU app that helps commercial drivers and road transport managers search, locate and contact parking areas in some 40 countries worldwide. It lists the security features and amenities available within each parking area and adds an extra level of security and comfort for drivers, who have to follow strict driving and rest time rules that sometimes force them to stop at unsafe roadsides or insecure parking areas.

The app, which is available in nine languages, also makes it easy for drivers and managers to communicate and stay connected throughout the entire journey, sharing invaluable information and experiences through the TRANSPark community, claims the IRU.