January 9 - HLPFI has learned that the Entry Summary Declarations (ENS) or advance manifest system for containerised inbound or transit cargo on vessels entering Turkey is temporarily doubling workloads for freight managers.

On January 4, HLPFI reported that Turkey had launched its ENS on January 1, 2012 without a transition period to prepare the global industry.

A project forwarder has told HLPFI: "We are currently trying to understand how the system works and it will take a couple of more months until everything is settled and all works fine digitally. In the beginning, it will double the amount of work we have, because we will be entering all this information for the goods once they arrive, so we will be entering for the goods which arrive and which depart."

However, the forwarder did acknowledge that in the medium to long-term, ENS will benefit Turkey's freight industry and wider economy.

The forwarder says: "Overall, this will speed up the handover of goods after they arrive to Turkey and provide detailed information to the Customs authorities in advance for security reasons. Most of the modern world has switched to this system for security reasons. In the previous system, no advance declaration was made which delayed the importation process. With this new law, the procedures at the time of import will be sped up."

In the January/February issue of HLPFI magazine, we are carrying a Turkish market report.