November 27 - Aeroscraft Corporation - developer of the Aeroscraft, an innovative rigid air vehicle capable of transporting heavy cargoes - has established a strategic partnership with airline Icelandair Cargo (IAC) to develop new logistical air freight r

The partnership would establish Iceland as a logistics hub, serving regions and countries with under-developed infrastructure, such as Siberia, Greenland, Alaska and Northern Canada.

According to Aeroscraft Corporation, the new alliance will help access and enable commercial development of large onshore and offshore natural resource discoveries in the Arctic and surrounding northern territories.

The Aeroscraft, when fully operational, may be able to solve some of the logistics problems faced when operating into the remote Arctic regions. The aircraft's vertical takeoff and landing capability and its ability to land on unprepared surfaces while transporting heavy and outsize cargoes, will enhance Icelandair Cargo's ability to serve these regions.

"Because of their location and the fact that a great number of North American and Eurasian air routes transit through or over Iceland, IAC is extremely well positioned to utilise the Aeroscraft and we are excited to see how we can service their network, " said Igor Pasternak, ceo of Aeros.