June 13 - Advanced International Networks (AIN) is combining two of its specialist groups into a new brand and rebranding it as the All in One (AiO) logistics network.

"Many of the members of our groups are strong in more than one freight specialty," said Gary Dale Cearley, managing director of AIN. "By adding their strengths together we create a powerful group with great efficiencies for all involved."

The members of AiO will be able to enrol their company into the following subgroups: commercial/general cargo; project cargo; perishable cargo; international removals and relocation; and exhibition/show cargo.

Cearley says that the AiO is already in good shape: "We open our doors with 40 members and 68 offices. Most of these members are covering more than one freight specialisation."

The first AiO annual general meeting will be held in Cape Town in November 2014.