May 22 - ALE has acquired two Goldhofer six-axle self-propelled trailers (SPT), which will primarily be used in Kazakhstan to service the Caspian region.

The Goldhofer trailers combine towed trailers with self-propelled units in a single vehicle. ADDrives provide additional traction at high speed, says ALE.

According to ALE, the ADDrives can be installed in trailer or semi-trailer combinations. As a hydro-mechanical drive system, the trailers have a high drive capacity and can be used on their own as conventional trailers or as a SPT to provide additional power without a truck.

By removing a tractor unit, the gross weight of the convoy is reduced, making it ideal for crossing bridges or complying with particular weight restrictions on roads, says ALE.

The extreme bending moment makes the trailers suitable for transporting heavy and abnormal cargoes with very concentrated loads.

"Our common scope of work in the Caspian region involves transporting heavy loads through mountainous areas, where additional traction is required to overcome this challenging terrain. The best solution we found was to invest in these SPTs as they provided the additional drive capacity we couldn't get from previous hydro-static systems on the market," said Ali Yoldashov, regional manager - Caspian at ALE.


Rainer Auerbacher, Goldhofer's general manager - transport technology; David Purslow ALE's general manager - global operations; and Ronald Hoefmans, ALE's group technical director.