June 6 - ALE has transported two heavy lift and 20 over-dimensional cargoes for the Ibri IPP power plant project in Oman, as part of an ongoing project.

ALE has secured a contract to receive and transport 110 over-dimensional and heavy lift cargoes for the project. The route spans 640 km from the Port of Duqm to the project site in Ibri.

The components being transported include gas turbines, gas turbine generators, steam turbines, heat recovery steam generators, transformers and other smaller cargoes. All cargo weighed between 50 and 390 tonnes each and will be transported using conventional trailers and ALE's Trojan truck.

Yasser Al Yasin, ALE's country manager in Oman, said the company has had to negotiate with the authorities to obtain special permissions to transport two items per convoy, in order to avoid delays to the delivery schedule. Limited storage at the Port of Duqm has required ALE to tranship cargoes to a separate storage area in Duqm.

"Furthermore, at 9.5 m wide and over 75 tonnes, the sheer size and scale of the pieces means that we have had to build a 2 km bypass route to avoid certain bridges and work cooperatively with the Royal Oman Police to deploy extra police escorts to minimise disruption to road traffic and members of the public."

ALE commenced the project in March 2017, and it is expected to be complete in November 2017.