July 23 - UK heavy transportation specialist ALE has placed a multimillion dollar order with Netherlands headquartered Nooteboom Trailers for 16 units designed for the transportation of wind turbine parts.

The order was made up of 8-axle extendible semi-low loaders and 4-axle Quatro extendable telesteps.
The equipment will be deployed into the South African market where ALE has been contracted to erect wind turbines in the Eastern Cape and along the country's Westcoast. The project spans multiple wind farms and the installation of more than 200 turbines. The components will need to be transported overland from various ports across South Africa.
Jan Yntema, director South Africa, ALE said: "We can see important long-term opportunities in South-Africa for wind energy and therefore we made sure to choose the best trailers there are for this application.
"For us this meant Nooteboom Trailers, because they are widely known to set the trend in innovative solutions for the transport of wind turbines.  The superior quality, the specific adjustments for South Africa and the after-service they offer have been the deciding factors here."

ALE with 4-axle Nooteboom telestep trailer