July 11 - ALE has completed the delivery of two pre-assembled oil rigs from the UAE to Oman.

ALE was responsible for the transport of the rigs which comprised of three major parts, weighing up to 390 tonnes each, and three smaller components, the smallest weighing 140 tonnes.

The components, the largest of which measured 35 m x 13 m x 12 m, were transported to the site in six phases using conventional trailers and ALE's Trojan truck.

The first phase involved jacking-up the rig components onto beams and stools, and transporting them from Jebel Ali Free Zone to the port.

"At 35 m long and up to 390 tonnes, the sheer size and weight of the pieces meant that we had to find a suitable route for the cargo from Jebel Ali Free Zone (phase 2 of the project) to Jebel Ali Port on the E11," explained Yasser Al Yasin, ALE's country manager in Oman. "This presented challenges and required advanced preparations of extensive road modifications, as well as liaising with several government authorities and subcontractors."

The cargo was then loaded at the Port of Jebel Ali onto a barge for onward shipment to Oman, where it was received and discharged at the Port of Duqm. From there, the cargo was transported and jacked-down on site.