June 15 - ALE has transported and installed four 180 tonne transformers, each of which measured 8.2 m long, 3.9 m high and 3 m wide, at La Muela Hydroelectric Power Station in Cortes de Pall

The operation is part of an expansion project at the power station. 

Each transformer was unloaded at the Port of Sagunto and transported to the power station by road. 

On arrival at the power station, the transformers were transferred to a 12-axle SPMT, which required a specifically designed structure and four jacks of 90 tonne capacity. 

Space constraints within the power station and steep gradients created significant issues which ALE says was overcome as a result of the manoeuvrability and versatility of the SPMT that was used. 

In the installation area, a new unloading and jacking system was required to place the transformer onto rails