July 2 - ALE Heavylift Ib

The first was the installation of a stator frame on support beams at Krsko nuclear power plant in Slovenia. The four-phase operation saw the unloading of the Siemens stator frame from the external transport platform by Megalift and its jacking up to a loading position onto the internal transport platform. Transport from the unloading area to the assembly building followed before unloading of the stator frame onto supported beams at its final position.

Once the stator assembly is complete it will be transported by SPMT platforms to the plant and installed using a 500 tonne capacity skidding gantry.

Meanwhile, in Spain, ALE Heavylift Ibërica was involved in the extraction and installation of a rotor at Castellón power plant.

ALE successfully performed the extraction of a 52 tonne rotor for maintenance and repair of the stator. Once maintenance is completed, the rotor will be reinserted to its original position.