June 9 - ALE has transported 16 out-of-gauge units for the Zubair oilfield project in Iraq.

ALE has received several cargoes - ranging in weight from 90 to 130 tonnes - at Umm Qasr Port, and transported them 80 km overland to the Zubair site.

The overland transport has required the temporary cutting and lifting of around 75 electricity cables, explained the company.

A number of cranes, ranging in capacity from 200 to 500 tonnes, are currently mobilised for offloading and installing the items onto their foundations at the oilfield site.

"We are pleased with the progress made in the project so far. ALE are now starting with the installation activities on site," said ALE's director for Iraq, Alberto Pittaluga.

The project, which was awarded in 2015 and involves the provision of heavy haulage, engineering and installation services, is expected to last 16 months.

Pictured below, some of the over-dimensional items are seen in convoy en route to the job site.