April 9 - UK headquartered heavy lift specialist ALE has transported a luxury super yacht in Poole, Dorset, UK.

ALE was tasked with engineering a lifting solution for a leading yacht manufacturer to lift a 55 tonne, 47.2 m yacht from its moulding structure and shift it 200 m for further construction work.
A lift and lock system was skidded into position between the yacht and the structure of the fabrication unit. Once in position, the yacht was raised and the moulding tool was stripped away.
ALE then removed the skid track and positioned 30-axles of SPMTs under the base of the yacht. The SPMTs were fitted with bespoke saddles to support the hull during transportation, without damaging the structure.
"Due to the size of the vessel and the fabrication building in which it was housed, there was no room for error when removing the yacht from its mouldings. The engineers worked to ensure the feasibility of the move while our fabricators got to work on the saddles that allowed the vessel to rest securely within the lines of SPMT's throughout the transportation," explained ALE project manager Michael Mulvenna.