December 12 - ALE has almost reached the halfway point in a major transportation project to move what are claimed to be the longest and heaviest bridge girders in Vietnamese history.

ALE moved the first girder in March of this year, which required 17 axle lines of conventional trailers, two prime movers and two 200-tonne capacity bolsters. Van Duc Trung, ALE operations manager, explained that the two bolsters had to be used for support due to the length of the girders.

The project, which is now over 40 percent complete, consists of the transport of 254 bridge girders, each weighing 230 tonnes and measuring 32 m long, for Vietnam's first ever monorail system in the capital of Hanoi.

Each girder is being transported 13 km by road from the casting yard at Duong Noi, to the erection area of the Cat Linh - Ha Dong line.

Completion of the monorail project is expected by the end of 2015.