November 18 - ALE Heavylift SA became involved in two maritime projects when it handled the transport and launch of four specialised work vessels at the port of Cape Town.

The first project saw the loading, transport and offloading of three crew boats in the port of Cape Town (pictured below). The boats, two which weighed 75 tonnes and measured 30 m and one which weighed 33 tonnes and measured 21 m, were transported with the assistance of a 12-axle Goldhofer self-propelled trailer. ALE offloaded the first two onto staging sets, whilst the third and final crew boat was launched directly from the trailer with a floating crane.

Meanwhile, ALE Heavylift SA was contracted to jack up, transport and offload a 150-tonne, 18.9 m Multi Cat Vessel(MCV) from the Damen shipyards workshop to the Synchro Lift in the port of Cape Town (pictured below). The Multi Cat was jacked up to the necessaryheight prior to transport with the help of a 12-axle Goldhofer self-propelled trailer. ALE offloaded the MCV onto Synchro Lift bogies for launching.