August 18 - ALE has moved 1,470 heavy items to successfully complete the first phase of its work on the new Doha metro project.

The UK-based global heavy lifting and specialised transport and engineering company was contracted to move the items as part of the Qatar Rail infrastructure development project.

The heavy items ranged in weight between 50 and 300 tonnes, 10 m to 36 m long and consisted of pre-tensioned concrete pedestal, girder, bridging and segment structures that were all pre-fabricated on site.

ALE collected the items from the fabrication area and delivered to the crane hook at the installation point. The journey ranged between 50 m and 8 km, across challenging roads that changed daily.

To keep up with the demanding schedule ALE utilised 34 axle line of conventional trailers, 3 x 10 axle extendable semi-trailers, 6 prime movers and 24 axle lines of SPMTs for the complex final deliveries.

The company reports that all items were delivered on schedule and it took 11 months to complete the first phase of Qatar Rail infrastructure development project.