August 4 - ALE has performed the first load-out in Oman for the Rabab Harweel Integrated Project, which involves the construction of a gas processing facility in the Middle Eastern nation.

The load-out was part of a six-month turnkey project awarded to ALE, which will see the heavy lift specialist deliver 67 pipe rack modules, weighing between 130 and 250 tonnes, from the Port of Duqm to the project site in Harweel.

During the project, ALE explained that it will be coordinating weighing, storage, transportation, load-ins, load-outs and ship chartering. The company will utilise a wide variety of equipment, including cranes, chartered vessels and its Trojan truck.

The first operation involved the load-out of six pipe rack modules and two columns - weighing a total of 1,100 tonnes - and delivery of the units from their fabrication yard to the ship using self-propelled modular transporters (SPMT).

Yasser Al Yasin, country manager for ALE in Oman, explained that the Rabab Harweel Integrated Project is the first of its kind for ALE in Oman, in terms of its complexity with the integration of so many different techniques and services.