May 23 - ALE has transported 12 gas components from Umm Qasr Port to a degassing station in Rafidiyah Zubair, Iraq.

The 12 components comprised of six radiant sections, weighing between 92.2 tonnes and 130.8 tonnes, and six convection sections, weighing between 85 tonnes and 66 tonnes.

According to ALE, due to some of the radiant sections measuring over 10 m in height, overhead power lines had to be shut down in order to allow the convoy to pass through.

ALE unloaded all 12 items using a 400-tonne capacity and a 250-tonne capacity mobile crane.

Also in Iraq, ALE completed the installation of four water tank roofs, and oil drums at the degassing station in Zubair.

The four water tank roof sections weighed 82.7 tonnes each, while the hot oil drum weighed 45.8 tonnes and the expansion oil drum weighed 47.8 tonnes.

In order to lift the hot oil drum, ALE rotated it 90 degrees using a 500-tonne capacity crawler crane and a 250-tonne capacity mobile crane. The installation was completed using the 500-tonne capacity crawler crane.

The expansion oil drum was installed at a height of 40 m, over and into a steel structure, using a 500-tonne capacity crawler crane.