March 1 - ALE has completed the transportation, erection and installation of a wind turbine at a wind farm in Huraymila, Saudi Arabia.

As HLPFI reported last month, ALE received the wind turbine components from a vessel at the Jubail Industrial Port and transported them over 600 km to Huraymila, using a combination of conventional trailers and a blade trailer.

Once the components arrived on site, they were offloaded using ALE's crawler and mobile cranes, ready for final wind turbine assembly. ALE utilised its dedicated wind energy division, a team of installation technicians from ALE's South Africa branch, to install the wind turbine into its final position.

The completion of the project marks another milestone for ALE, as the company claims it is the first wind turbine to be installed in Saudi Arabia.

"We are proud to be responsible for installing Saudi Arabia's first wind turbine. This is a major milestone not only in the country's renewable involvement, but also showcases our capabilities in offering the full transportation, craneage and installation (TCI) package to internally-recognised standards," explained Andrew Spink, general manager for ALE's branch in Saudi Arabia.  

This is the first of three renewables contracts ALE has been awarded, with delivery of equipment for two solar energy power plants currently ongoing.