April 29 - Alexander Global Logistics has won the contract to transport 682 concrete columns from Germany for use in the construction of the Dschamaa al-Dschasair mosque in Algiers.

The columns, each of which measure up to 22 m in length and 1.62 m in diameter, with units weighing up to 35.3 tonnes, are very fragile and therefore require special packing, extreme care during transport and smooth handling.

The scope of Alexander's work includes packing for rail transport at the customer's premises; rail freight to loading port; handling operations; inspection with its own surveyors; final packing in load port; export Customs clearance; sea freight; and handling in discharge port of Algiers.

The preparation for this job took about one year, and Alexander won the 28,000 freight-tonne contract against fierce competition from other multinational forwarders.

Alexander Global Logistics is a member of the Cargo Equipment Experts (CEE) network in Germany.