April 28 - Blue Water's Danish project department handled the movement of a 42-tonne anchor from Bladt Aalborg to NKT Flexibles in Kalundborg.

Before transport was undertaken, thorough route surveys were carried out as well as investigations into the options for sea transport. Due to the heavy weight and anchor dimensions of 5.35 x 5.26 x 4.30 m, it quickly became apparent that road transport would provide a challenge, and an all-sea transport would be costly for the client.

As a result, it was decided to execute the transport as a combined road transport from Aalborg to Aarhus and subsequent sea transport by ro-ro ferry from Aarhus to Kalundborg.

At the last minute, the project transport was complicated by road works on the main road to Aarhus. A further road survey located a possible bypass option, and the transport was carried out with delivery as planned to NKT Flexibles in Kalundborg.