January 5 - Australia's Department of Infrastructure and Transportation has issued specific confirmation that all Antonov An-124 aircraft managed by Ruslan International are now exempt from the recently-introduced requirement to prove that they are being

The decision follows the submission of noise certificates for all the aircraft, which proved sufficient to satisfy the department that the fleet fully complies with Chapter 3 ICAO noise standards, and is not impacted by the MCC3noise levels regulations.

Previously, Ruslan International was required to submit "letters of support" from its charter principals to theDepartment of Infrastructure and Transportation, evidencing that flights were in the public interest, in order to obtain operating rights. In practice, this process did not result in the prevention of any Ruslan International planned operation.

Ruslan International has previously operated flights into and out of Australia, and transiting Australia. Its customers have included both the military and commercial users - of which the mining industry is a significant element.

Says Ruslan International's business development manager, Michael Goodisman: "Throughout the period during which the requirement applied to our aircraft, we were always hopeful that our flights would be allowed to operate - given their irregular nature, and the fact that there is generally no alternative aircraft for the outsize project cargoes we carry.

"However, we are very pleased with this new development. It allows both Ruslan International and our customers to plan future flights within Australian airspace with confidence."